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Is Wi-Fi Radiation a Health Hazard?

wifi_logoWithin the past five years, Wi-Fi technology has become so popular that every new cell phone, computer and even some TV has Wi-Fi. In addition, a lot of public restaurants, stores and similar places have free Wi-Fi. The effects of Wi-Fi radiation has not been studied well enough. For this reason, scientists do not know how safe it is and its long-term effect on the body.

When a Wi-Fi device is activated, it generates electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and sends them all direction. The EMFs generated by Wi-Fi devices operate in a range that can disrupt the communication process between cells. There have not been a lot of great studies done on the health effects of Wi-Fi radiation. However, some studies have linked Wi-Fi radiation to cancer, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, dizziness, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and DNA damage.

The excerpt below does a great job explaining how electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can damage human DNA. It is extracted from

According to Dr. Blank, there are about 20 different stress proteins in nature, called heat shock proteins (HSP), which are used by your cells to counteract harmful stimulus. Whenever a cell is exposed to an unfriendly environment, the DNA separates in certain regions and begins to read the genetic code to produce these stress proteins (HSP).

Therefore, the presence of stress proteins is an indication that the cell has come into contact with something that is detrimental to its wellbeing. Essentially, it’s your cells’ way of saying, “I’ve encountered something bad.” And, Dr. Blank emphatically claims, “There’s no question cells react to EMF’s as harmful.” Research has clearly shown that radiation within the non-ionizing range can cause single- and/or double-DNA-strand breaks, which cells respond to by creating stress proteins.

Interestingly, researchers have discovered that your cells do not only react to frequencies in the microwave range, but across the ENTIRE SPECTRUM of frequencies, from low ELF’s and up!

Electromagnetic fields can be used to heal the body or harm it. In the case of Wi-Fi radiation, its spectrum of frequencies do not resonate well with our body, because they vibrate at certain frequencies that are destructive to our cells.

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