046 Caring for Older Cats

In this special Catcast, we talk to Dr. Tracy McFarland, who was our guest on Episode 36, about caring for older cats. During the podcast we discuss:

    Signs you need to take the cat to the vet
    Dental disease
    Oxifresh oral hygene
    The dietary needs of older cats
    Dry or wet food?
    Kidney disease
    Step stools
    Checking your cat’s teeth and gums
    Feeding times
    Urinating outside the litter box
    Integrating older and younger cats
    Heating pads for older cats

If you want to leave a question for the Root Simple Podcast please call (213) 537-2591 or send an email to rootsimple@gmail.com. You can subscribe to our podcast in the iTunes store and on Stitcher. The theme music is by Dr. Frankenstein.

Source : Rootsimple
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