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Green Tea Boosts Working Memory

We’ve got one more reason for you to drink green tea (as if you needed another!). Yes, it still helps protect against heart disease and stroke. Yes, it still helps keep cancer at bay and alleviates the side effects of ... Read More »

Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia

Tilapia has become the ubiquitous fish in America today. It’s cheap, not “fishy” tasting, boneless and skinless, and is hard to mess up by overcooking, which is a problem with many other fish varieties.   However, the tilapia we’re eating ... Read More »

Open Source Plans for Modern Tesla Free Energy Generator Released to Public

In a world of problems and solutions, few ideas spur both immediate hope and skepticism as the idea of free energy, and, on the brink of ecological disaster, nothing may be of greater importance to the human race. The story ... Read More »

Meditation: Reduce Stress and Pain, Trigger Genetic Changes, and More

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know of a way to help you relax after a long day, reduce your stress and chronic pain, help you focus better on what really matters in your life, and improve your health overall? While ... Read More »

Children Are Slower, Heavier and Worse Off Physically, Emotionally and Developmentally Than One Generation Before Them

Millions of children around the world cannot run as fast or as far as their parents were able to at their age. They cannot maintain their heart rates at high levels, recover from activity, have more illness and are slower, ... Read More »

Do People That Eat Margarine Really Know How It’s Manufactured?

Polyunsaturated margarine became a major part of the Western diet and had overtaken butter in popularity in the mid-20th century. Despite their best efforts, the margarine lobby has failed to convince most people that their synthetic concoctions are healthy. So ... Read More »

Shiitake Mushroom Compound Found to Prevent Cancer, Slow Tumor Growth

Shiitake mushrooms are Japanese mushrooms that are both easy to find and incorporate in your cooking. But more than depth of flavor, researchers say these mushrooms could hold the key to cervical cancer in women. According to Medical Daily, researchers ... Read More »

Italian Senator Calls for Declassification of Chemtrail Documents

Have you noticed increased cases of Alzheimer’s and Autism? The CDC recently admitted that autism numbers have doubled in a decade and more than 5 million Americans have a form of dementia. While there are multiple contributors to these phenomenon, including the ... Read More »

Couple Threatened with $500 Fine for Growing Vegetable Garden: They Win

Sustainable living gets harder all the time when states insist on fining, harassing, and destroying home and land owner’s property. You would think growing some carrots and broccoli in a finely manicured garden would be a boon to any neighborhood, ... Read More »

Hotly Debated: 1240 Scientists Demand Seralini GMO Study be Republished, Will NOT Be Suppressed

Over 1240 scientist signatories have demanded that a study previously published on the toxic effects of GMO maize and RoundUp that was retracted by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) be reinstated. This is a massive backlash against an industry that has tried ... Read More »

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